The network agency approach to out-sourced marketing services

The traditional Marketing Agency approach provides many marketing services under one roof but there has been a huge shift in marketing in the last decade or two; the growth of the internet and subsequently social media, plus people requiring more flexible working conditions, has changed the way consumers and employees interact with businesses. As a […]

Vision, mission, values – why are they important?

If you are thinking of starting up a new business, it is important to get the basics right. In this article we explain why building a clear Vision, Mission and Value statement will help you stay on track and achieve your goal of building a successful business.   WHAT IS A VISION, MISSION, AND VALUES […]

Meet the team: Tom Marley

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A day in the life of our Technical Project Manager, Tom Marley “As the Technical Project Manager, I need to have a helicopter view of everything that is happening for our technical offerings. activ has gained a lot of clients through their excellent service and at any one time we have a number of website […]

Meet the team: Richard Griffin

A day in the life of our Technical Support Manager, Richard Griffin “Being a part of activ for more than a decade has greatly contributed to my growth as a technical support manager. I have gained (and shared!) years and years worth of knowledge and experience from my colleagues, our franchisees and clients. I am […]

Meet the team: Tyrone Fernandez

A day in the life of our Lead Developer, Tyrone Fernandez “As a lead developer, I always make sure to be flexible, efficient and analytical when it comes to my day-to-day tasks in order to give my full technical support not only to our clients but to my colleagues as well. Here, I will give […]